Hair Extensions

If you´ve dreamed of having full, voluminous hair or yearned for long, flowing movie star waves then extensions could be the answer.

You can choose between long-term extensions, or clip in extensions that can add a removable flash of colour to your look.

Hair extensions can also be used to restore hair to its former glory after hair loss- giving you a fuller head of hair. 

Your confidence, as well as your hair, will be reborn with our extensions which are designed to do this with ease. Choosing to enhance your hair with extensions can seem like quite a commitment. so to help you we ´ll give you a no-obligation consultation.

We will talk through every aspect of the service and answer your questions, this way you can be confident that your hair will look as stunning as you dreamed it would.

Professional Clip-In Extensions

Professional Clip-Ins are affordable clip-in hair extensions available in full sets of 100% human hair, exceeding expectations in terms of both quality and price. The 100% human hair option is high grade hair, root point correct and cuticle intact. The human hair can be coloured (up to 6% peroxide) and styled with heated appliances (up to 160°C).


Bonded Hair Extensions

Hot-Bonded Hair Extensions


Hot-Bonded system allows your natural hair to be easily and safely blended and lengthened. Scientifically proven not to damage hair,  Hot-Bonded system secures extension hair to superfine sections of the wearer’s hair with small translucent bonds. These are roughly the size of a grain of rice, making them virtually undetectable to the eye.

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